A Whiter Shade of Pale
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A Whiter Shade of Pale is a compilation of songs of the German heavy metal singer Doro Pesch, released by Blue Chip, an imprint of the German label Spectrum Music. This compilation is the most complete collection of songs coming from Doro's early solo albums published by Vertigo Records.[1]

Track listing

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1. "So Alone Together" Doro Pesch, Gary Scruggs Angels Never Die (1993) 5:40

2. "A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum cover" Gary Booker, Keith Reid Force Majeure (1989) 3:56

3. "Unholy Love" Phil Brown, Adam Mitchell Doro (1990) 4:42

4. "Fall for Me Again" Pesch, Scnuggs True at Heart (1991) 4:11

5. "Angels with Dirty Faces" Joey Balin, Pesch Force Majeure 3:59

6. "Alive" Pesch, Karen Childs Doro[2] 4:14

7. "You Gonna Break My Heart" Pesch, Dennis Morgan True at Heart 3:42

8. "With the Wave of Your Hand" Pesch, Todd Cerney, Bob DiPiero True at Heart 4:51

9. "Gettin' Nowhere Without You" Pesch, Scruggs True at Heart 4:20

10. "Even Angels Cry" Pesch, Scruggs True at Heart[3] 4:47

11. "Save My Soul" Balin, Pesch Force Majeure[4] 3:51

12. "I'll Be Holding On" Will Jennings, Hans Zimmer Doro 5:22

13. "Hard Times" Balin, Pesch Force Majeure 3:33

14. "I Am What I Am" Balin, Tommy Henriksen, Pesch Force Majeure 2:36

15. "Don't Go" Pesch, Jack Ponti, Vic Pepe Angels Never Die 5:28

16. "Cry Wolf" Balin, Henriksen, Pesch Force Majeure[5] 4:47

17. "River of Tears" Balin, Henriksen, Pesch Force Majeure 3:54

18. "Mirage" Gene Simmons Doro[6] 4:01


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