Faith Lillian McKinley
General Information
Gender: Female.
Age: 15
Birthday: May 3, 1997
Height: I'm short.
Weight: I don't know, and neither should you.
Address: I live on the "bad" side of town.
Species: Witch.
Occupation(s): No job.
Aliases: It's hard to nickname me.
Family & Friends
Family: Mom. Dad.
Friends: Eh.
Relationships: You're funny.
Enemies: Eh.
Other Information
Interests: Researching magic, using magic, stuff like that.
Education: A school.
Talent: Witchcraft.
Weaknesses: I'm really short.
Series Information
Portrayer: Aislinn Paul. <3 Infobox belongs to Michelle Tanner.

Hey, I'm Faith. Pleasure.


  • Hair Colour:
  • Eye Colour:
  • Trademark:

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