Genevieve Laura Clark
General Information
Gender: Female.
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Black.
Eye Colour: Blue-Green.
Birthday: January 1, 1997
Height: I'm short.
Weight: I'm more fit than your mother.
Address: No.
Species: Human.
Occupation(s): No.
Aliases: Gen
Family & Friends
Family: No.
Friends: No.
Relationships: No.
Enemies: No.
Other Information
Interests: You aren't one of them.
Education: A school.
Talent: Killing monsters.
Weaknesses: I'm bulletproof.
Series Information
Portrayer: Lucy Hale<3. Infobox belongs to some ninja or smth idk.

I am Genevieve. Don't talk to me unless you want to get stabbed.


  • Hair Colour: Brown.
  • Eye Colour: Blue-Green.
  • Trademark: I'm going to ignore this.

I usually dress okay. I usually wear trench coats and boots. I prefer dark colors, so I usually go for black. I have really pale skin, and piercing eyes. I'm beautiful, aren't I? And before you try to make a smart aleck response to that, I'll have you know that that was a rhetorical question.


I don't have my family anymore. My mom was killed by a werewolf, and my dad turned into a shape-shifter and left. None of my relatives wanted me, so I got put into an orphanage. I was adopted and the rest is history.


I was born.

My parents got killed and turned when I was 6.

My other relatives didn't want me, so I became an orphan.

Got adopted when I was 8.

Was raised to be a hunter all my life.

Became one when I turned 16.

There. If you are not satisfied with this, I really don't give a damn.


I'm a sarcastic BAMF who just doesn't give a damn. Point blank.


Ryan AbramsEdit

I'm skeptical about him. I don't care if he's a hunter, I'm still skeptical. But other than that, he's... decent.


  • I have a black belt in many different fields of fighting.
  • I've been trained to be able to kill without emotion.
  • I'm very health-conscious.
  • I'm asexual.

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