Harley Madison Rutherford
Isabelle fuhrman
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Birthday: May 24, 1995
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 lbs.
Address: No, thank you.
Occupation(s): Hunter
Aliases: just Harley.
Family & Friends
Family: Drew Rutherford (mother)
Alex Rutherford (father)
Friends: ew.
Relationships: even more ew.
Enemies: too many to count; and they're probably dead
Species Information
Species: Human
Other Information
Interests: hunting, reading, internet, fencing
Education: School.
Talent: fencing, knife-throwing, shooting
Role-playing Information
First appearance: 8-20-13
Last appearance: none yet
Portrayer: Keve


hunter harley – Human (Hunter)
– i wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,
you could cut ties, with all the lies that you've been livin' in;

 – & if you do not want to see me again,
i would understand

Just don't even bother socializing with me because I will probably just ignore you.


  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Gray
  • Trademark: I don't know and I honestly don't care.

I'm not picky when it comes to clothing.


Drew RutherfordEdit

Drew is, or should I say was, my mom. She passed away a long time ago.

Alex RutherfordEdit

Alex is my dad. He's a hunter like me as well, and he taught me everything I know. I don't appreciate his cockiness, however, and most of the time when I tell him off about it, I get in trouble. It's all worth it when he shuts up though.


I was born and raised right here in Carlingford. When I was about 10, my dad taught me all he knew about being a hunter. He taught me how to use weapons, survival skills, and basically all about supernatural beings. Can't say I was surprised when I found out all about it, since I knew there was something weird about this town from the beginning.
I live to hunt, kill, and survive.


There's a 110% chance that I don't care about you or your shit. If you wanna be my "friend", you have to earn it. Nothing personal, I just don't trust people in general.
I live up to everybody's expectations, but beware: I am also unpredictable. Consider yourself warned.


I don't want or need friends.


  • I throw knives and shoot arrows. I also know how to use a gun.
  • I fence. Sometimes.
  • Despite the fact that I don't have time to "relax" or "take the time off", I do enjoy ice cream and pizza.
  • I have a sweet tooth.

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