Imee Bambi Chang
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General Information
Gender: Female. :)
Age: 16. ^.^
Hair Colour: Black and I always wear clip in streaks. ``)
Eye Colour: Brown.
Birthday: August 12, 1997
Height: Shortish.
Weight: Google it.
Address: ^
Species: Wizard. :D
Occupation(s): Student.
Aliases: Imi, Bambi
Family & Friends
Family: Mom, Dad, 2 younger brothers, and an older sister.
Friends: Lots. :D
Relationships: I wish. I know I will get one one day.
Enemies:  :(
Other Information
Interests: Pizza, food in general, colors, watching American TV.
Education: Secondary School. :D
Talent: Mind reading, ability to speak to the dead.
Weaknesses:  :(.
Series Information
First appearance:  :)
Last appearance:  :(
Portrayer: MOUNTAIN DEW IS DA BEST DRANK EVUR i got it from family guy okay

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