Mallory Erica Hayes
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General Information
Gender: I am a dude..tte ha
Age: I'm way older than you, but I go by 17.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Birthday: November 16
Height: 1.68 m
Weight: I'm healthy.
Address: On the bad side of town.
Species: Vampire
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Mal, Marmalade
Family & Friends
Family: Adoptive family.
Friends: Um.
Relationships: I'd rather not.
Enemies: People
Other Information
Interests: Reading, Watching television, gymnastics
Education: A senior in a secondary school.
Weaknesses: Stakes, Sun, Garlic
Series Information
First appearance: long ago
Last appearance: no thanks brah
Portrayer: black pearl

Hello. Mallory Erica Hayes here, I'm nice enough but don't talk to me during the night, okay? Because I bite, literally.


  • Hair Colour: Obviously black.
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Trademark: My skin tone.

I used to dress up all the time before, but now since its the modern days I don't dress up like I do before. Now I don't have a particular style, I can be girly or tomboy depending on my mood. But basically, I wear anything clean.


Dianna and Henry HayesEdit

Dianna and Henry, are my "parents". They're huge opposites, and I wonder how both of them are still together. Henry is very bossy and uptight, while Dianna gives us a lot of freedom. Henry is also really casual and Dianna is so elegant and proper. They're both nice enough when their with us though.

Angelique HayesEdit

Angie is my "older sister". I'm really close to her, and she's ridiculously gorgeous and super nice. She's also really overprotective, which I understand but it gets annoying sometimes.

Leonard HayesEdit

Lee is my "younger brother". He's not really used to the while vampire thing, and is still really confused. He acts like an asshole, like he's PMSing 24/7.


I was born in North Carolina, to a Korean-American father and British mother. That's all I know 'bout my real parents, I don't remember much from my childhoon and I couldn't care less about it anyways Angie tells me my real family were asshats.

Anyways I like my supposed family now, even though they seem really weird and unusual. They're nice enough and we care for each other. Except for Lee, we all love Lee but he's such an asshole, my god. Also for someone like me who's.. um, been living for so long I adapted really quickly to the modern ways which is actually pretty cool. And complicated.


I'm a very optimistic person, despite what I am. There's nothing wrong with who I am though. Anyways, I'm also surprisingly very immature and childish for someone my age. Sometimes though, I can act very cold and really rude. I have a lot of anger issues, and I'm not a good sport and I am also very competitive which is never good tbh. I'm trying not to show the bad side of me most of the time, but somehow it does show even if its not needed.


Austin LancasterEdit

He's too obsessed with Harry Potter, and he's a huge asshat. We managed to be friends though.


  • I am a self-proclaimed Atheist.
  • I'm very flexible.
  • I'm really old tbh.


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