Nathan David Clarke
General Information
Gender: definitely a female male
Age: 17
Hair Colour: Brown.
Eye Colour: Brown.
Birthday: September 19, 1995
Height: too personal
Weight: for me to
Address: answer right now
Species: Wizard.
Occupation(s): Student.
Aliases: None.
Family & Friends
Family: My parents and sister.
Friends: Some.
Relationships: None.
Pet(s): None.
Enemies: Eh.
Other Information
Interests: Stuff.
Education: A place.
Talent: Mind-reading, Telekinesis, Casting spells
Weaknesses: Let's not talk about that.
Series Information
First appearance: the past
Last appearance: the future
Portrayer: hi

so much to lose – Wizard.
– Forever as a slow dream. Oh what a vivid thing, when you've got so much to lose.

 – Happiness is a soft light, that way we see our lives by only fading to the dark.

Hi. I'm no sure why you're interested, but feel free to look at me talking about myself like a narcissist.


  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Trademark: None.

Well I wear clothes and don't wear makeup. My hair is usually the same every single day, so moving on.


I live with my parents, and they're pretty nice. Overprotective, but nice. My sister is nice too. I'm glad she moved out, so now I have the bigger bedroom.



I'm actually not sure I have a personality, so move on to the next section which is trivia I think.

Yeah, it's trivia.


  • I really don't understand why most of the supernatural people live on the bad side of town. Is there some kind of magnet or what?
  • Like seriously do you atutomatically become supernatural when you start living here.
  • And what if you come fro ma family of mortals.
  • Do you have to move out to live on your own?
  • Why.
  • This town is full of weirdos.

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