Paige Melissa Ramsey
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Birthday: May 17th, 1996
Height: In the middle, I guess.
Weight: Nah.
Address: ^
Species: Human.
Occupation(s): Student, waitress.
Aliases: Paige, Little Miss Bitch.
Family & Friends
Family: Ugh.
Friends: ^
Relationships: ^
Enemies: ^
Other Information
Interests: Singing, dancing, clothes, just like, typical girly stuff I guess.
Education: Secondary School.
Talent: Singing and Dancing.
Weaknesses: I have some, but I'm not telling you.
Series Information
First appearance: Birth.
Last appearance: Death.
Portrayer: Becca Tobin yay.

Hello. I'm Paige. Please don't talk to me on a bad day, which is well, everyday.


  • Hair Color: Blonde.
  • Eye Color: Green.
  • Trademark: I like my hair, I guess.

I like to buy designer brands and all, and I pick out my own outfits/clothes. To me, what you wear represents who you are, and I don't wanna look like a prostitute.

I love makeup, and I know it's not good for you to wear it all the time, because I feel like it brightens up your face, and makes you look better.

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