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We are a supernatural themed roleplaying wiki revolving around a town filled with both mortals and supernatural creatures. On this wiki, you can roleplay a mortal, vampire, werewolf, witch, wizard, mermaid, merman, fairy, or shape-shifter. Learn more on creating a character on the getting started guide.

This roleplay wiki is set in Carlingford, Ireland. Mortals and supernaturals coexist, with most mortals having no ideas that creatures from their fantasies are living among them. Both types of residents have their own version of history and knowledge of the town's locations. Most mortals are oblivious to the supernatural happenings of Carlingford, as the mortals live on the newer side of town, while the supernaturals live in the older, creepier areas.


The Mortal History

Long ago, a group of mysterious villagers moved to Carlingford. Out town grew suspicious of them, as strange events started to occur on full moons, wolf attacks, villagers disappearing, you name it. That all led up to the big attack. They all charged at our side of town with the look of anger in their eyes. Luckily, we fought back hard enough, and they went into hiding. Or did they?

The Supernatural History

A long time ago, we creatures and supernatural beings had moved to the town of Carlingford. We tend to keep away from mortals, in fear they would discover our secrets. As time went on, they grew suspicious of us as we avoided them. One day, a group of brave mortals went to our side of town, in hopes of discovering what we truly are. We decided to strike at them. They fought back, thinking we went away. Little do they know that we are right under their noses.


Vampires Werewolves
Witches/Wizards Mer-people
Fairies Shape-shifters
Humans Hunters

The Carlingford Candlelight

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Here Comes the Moon!

Written by: Mara Kinswit
It's the monthly full moon, everybody. Most of you would think, "Oh, what's so special about this?" Well, little do you know that in every corner, there are supernatural creatures lurking, waiting to pounce on you and drink your blood.

There are special names for each and every moon of the year. This year, we're welcoming the Sturgeon moon at exactly 7:16 PM on August 22. By then, the moon with be shining at its brightest for the whole month, when creatures of supernatural powers are the strongest.

How are they stronger, you ask? Well, for each creature, it has a different affect, whether they like it or not.

  1. Vampires- They are thirsty. When the moon is lit, their reckless hunger for blood is stronger than ever, and they will go to lengths to get what they want.
  2. Werewolves- Goodbye beauty, here comes the beast! They morph into their fully fledged selves, with no control over it.
  3. Mer-people- As the moon comes up, a force attracts them to water. At midnight, they have to be underwater or else their scales shrivel up and they can't breathe.


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Moon Phases

On this roleplaying wiki, each species has abilities and powers and those abilities and powers are affected by the different moon phases. Check out the current moon phase above! See the list of effects by the moon phases here! We hope you stick around until the moon comes out.


  • The moon is out and shining bright. How do you plan to use this?
  • Check out the all new Carlingford newspaper, The Carlingford Candlelight!
  • Hunters have officially been added to the wiki!

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