Character Information

As this is a roleplaying wiki with many different types of characters, there are some rules on what you can and can't do with and OC once you have created them.

General RulesEdit

  • You cannot kill or turn another person's OC without asking their permission.
  • You cannot have more than your allowed amount of abilities/powers if you have a supernatural OC.
  • You can have up to 5 of each supernatural creature (5 vampires, 5 werewolves, etc.)
  • You can have up to 3 human characters.
  • You can have up to 2 hunter characters.

Character AbilitiesEdit


  • Immortality unless staked or sunned
  • Invincibility unless staked or sunned
  • Has sharp senses
  • Super speed (optional)
  • Super strength (optional)
  • Turn into a bat (optional)


  • Change at will, but have to change at full moon.
  • Sharp wolf-like senses
  • Super strength (optional)
  • Super speed (optional)
  • Speaking to animals (optional)


  • Ability to fly
  • Control any one of the four elements
  • Immortality (optional)
  • Telekinesis (optional)
  • Speaking to animals (optional)


  • Can breathe underwater
  • Changes when hit by a large amount of water
  • Controls water
  • Can communicate with other sea creatures (optional)
  • Has heightened abilities underwater (strength and speed) (optional)


  • Can morph into an animal (imaginary or real)
  • Retains one quality of said animal in human form (speed. intelligence)(optional)
  • Speaking to animals. (Optional)


  • Casting spells
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind reading (optional)
  • Mind control (optional)
  • Ability to speak to the dead (optional)


Humans are regular people and residents in Carlingford. Most of them are very unaware of the supernaturals. They only know that creepy happenings occur often in Carlingford. You are allowed to have up to 3 human characters.


Hunters are humans who are aware of or are very spectacle of the supernaturals in Carlingford and have a goal to get rid of them. They all share a hatred towards them. Hunters have the same abilties as regular humans but they study supernaturals and have weapons in order to kill them. Here are a list of weapons the hunters can have:

  • Stakes/Knives
  • Poison
  • Guns
  • Spy cameras

Users are allowed to make OC hunters except there are a few rules: You can only have up to 2 hunters as we try to keep the amount low. Also OC's must be 16 or older to be a hunter.

Power LimitationsEdit

If a character was born their supernatural creature, then they have full powers. But, if they were turned, their powers get gradually stronger until they reach their full strength after one year.


A mortal can turn into a vampire or werewolf by being bitten. They can turn into a shape-shifter, witch/wizard, fairy, or mer-person by being enchanted by a witch or fairy.

Moon PhasesEdit

Each species has abilities and powers and those abilities and powers are affected by the different moon phases. These effects can be used in the roleplay. You can see the list of the effects here.