Events FormEdit

To create an event, you must first get it approved on the creation board (start a discussion). Please use this form below when creating a thread to submit for approval. The title for this form should be "Event: (name of event)." In the thread, please use this form to set up and fill out the information:

Name of Event: The name of the event
About: What is this event about?
Host(s): The host of the event
Those Invited: Who is invited (usually anyone can come).
Duration: How long the event will be. The event can be as many days as you would like (in terms of real life, not the roleplay world)
Location: Where the event is

For events, the event does not have to be approved by an admin but it has to be approved by at least 3 users. After you make your event, reply to it twice, one reply saying "Kudos if you approve" and the other saying "Kudos if you disapprove". Users just have to give Kudos to whichever message they're in favor of. The first one to get to at least 3 Kudos is the winner.

Making an Event PageEdit

An event page is pretty simple. At the top of the page, give an introduction. It can be in the perspective of the host or not. Just explain what the event is about. Be sure to add who is hosting, what day it will take place on, and how many days users have to roleplay the event. Then add a section titled "People Who Attended". Users can add their OCs if they want their OCs to go (keep in mind their OCs have to actually roleplay at the event). Then add a section titled "Major Events". Any major events (i.e. revealing a secret, a ship kissing) that occured at the event will be added there.

Adding PicturesEdit

If you would like to, you can add pictures from the event. You can make a section titled "Gallery" where the pictures are placed. You can photoshop pictures, use actual pictures, etc. Be creative!

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