Get Your Location ApprovedEdit

To create a location, you must first get it approved by an admin on the creation board (start a discussion). Please use this form below when creating a thread to submit for approval. The title of the form should be "Location: (name of location)". In the thread, please use this form to set up and fill out the information:

Name of Location: Write the name of the location here
Owner: This is only necessary if the owner is an OC on the wiki. If not, you can make up a person or leave it blank.
About: Tell what the location is and what it's about.
Address of Location: Please write out the address of the location.
Places within Location: Write what is in the location, what is around it, the area it's in, etc.
Resident(s) of Location: Tell who lives in the location or goes there (only necessary for housing).

Making a Location PageEdit

The page for a location can consist of anything that pertains to the location. There should always be an introduction at the top of the page explaining the location. Then the sections can be anything important to the location. For example, if you wanted to make a page for a restaurant, you could make a section titled "Menu" and that section could list the food served. The you could have a section titled "Staff" which lists the employees working at the restaurant. Locations vary with sections so you have free will as to what you want put on the page.

Please try to include a picture of the location as well. You can find a picture of a location that would look like that location.


Please use the template "Infobox" to create an infobox for your location. Add any important information. "Address" and "Owner" should be included in the infobox. Ex:

No Title




234 Example Road


Ashley Robinson
Mark Duncan


April 13, 1997

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