Moon Phases

This moon, retrieved from, changes
with the actual moon in real life. It is used for the roleplay.

On this roleplaying wiki, there are different types of species (see list here). Each species has abilities and powers and those abilities and powers are affected by the different moon phases. These effects can be used in the roleplay. Please see the list below:


  • When it's a full moon, vampires are thirstiest for blood and find it hardest to hold themselves back. They also have the most energy during a full moon.
  • When it's a new moon, vampires find it easiest to tame themselves. They also have the least amount of energy during a new moon.
  • The more the moon is lit, they thirstier they are for blood. The less the moon is lit, the easier it is to tame.


  • When it's a full moon werewolves change into a full fledged werewolf at midnight against their will and they have no control over it.
  • The more the moon is lit, the more powerful they are. The less the moon is lit, the less powerful they are.


  • Mer-people change when it's a full moon at midnight and they must be underwater or their scales can get dry and they won't be able to breathe.
  • The more the moon is lit, the more mer-people are drawn to water.


  • The more the moon is lit, the more powerful fairies are.
  • At a new moon they are at the weakest at a full moon they are at their strongest.


  • The more the moon is lit, the more powerful witches/wizards are.
  • They are at their weakest on a new moon and their strongest on a full moon.


  • At a full moon, at midnight, whatever animal they've taken the form of, they must stay as that animal for the entire night.
  • At a new moon, shape shifters cannot shape shift and return to their original state at midnight.