Greatest Hits album by Alice Cooper
Released May 4, 1999
Recorded 1989 - 1994
Length 44:48
Label Sony Music

Super Hits is a greatest hits[1] album from Alice Cooper that was released in 1999.

The album spans his years at Epic Records[2] and features songs from the albums Trash, Hey Stoopid, and The Last Temptation[1].


Track listing


1. "Poison" Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, John McCurry Trash 4:31

2. "Lost in America" Cooper, Dan Wexler, Bob Pfeifer The Last Temptation 3:53

3. "Hey Stoopid" Cooper, Vic Pepe, Jack Ponti, Pfeifer Hey Stoopid 4:34

4. "Why Trust You" Cooper, Child Trash 3:12

5. "Love's a Loaded Gun" Cooper, Pepe, Ponti Hey Stoopid 4:12

6. "You're My Temptation" Cooper, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw The Last Temptation 5:10

7. "Trash" Cooper, Child, Mark Frazier, Jamie Sever Trash 4:02

8. "Stolen Prayer" Chris Cornell, Cooper The Last Temptation 5:37

9. "Sideshow" Cooper, Bessie Smith, Brian Smith, Michael Brooks, Jon Norwood, Wexler, Bud Saylor The Last Temptation 6:39

10. "Might as Well Be on Mars" Cooper, Dick Wagner, Child Hey Stoopid 7:08



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