The Carlingford CandLelight

Welcome to the Carlingford news column, The Carlingford Candlelight. Read our interesting stories as we shine a candlelight on the most interesting stories in the town. Stories written by our wonderful residents who inhabit our beloved town. Enjoy!

August 2013Edit

Here Comes the Moon!Edit

Written by: Mara Kinswit
It's the monthly full moon, everybody. Most of you would think, "Oh, what's so special about this?" Well, little do you know that in every corner, there are supernatural creatures lurking, waiting to pounce on you and drink your blood.

There are special names for each and every moon of the year. This year, we're welcoming the Sturgeon moon at exactly 7:16 PM on August 22. By then, the moon with be shining at its brightest for the whole month, when creatures of supernatural powers are the strongest.

How are they stronger, you ask? Well, for each creature, it has a different affect, whether they like it or not.

  1. Vampires- They are thirsty. When the moon is lit, their reckless hunger for blood is stronger than ever, and they will go to lengths to get what they want.
  2. Werewolves- Goodbye beauty, here comes the beast! They morph into their fully fledged selves, with no control over it.
  3. Mer-people- As the moon comes up, a force attracts them to water. At midnight, they have to be underwater or else their scales shrivel up and they can't breathe.
  4. Fairies- They gain more power.
  5. Witches and wizards- They gain more power.
  6. Shape shifters- They have to stay in their form that they've taken until sunrise.

Lock your doors, set your weapons, and keep an eye out.


A Strange DinnerEdit

Written by: Jack Beanie

Greetings, Carlingford residents. My name is Jack Beanie, a private investigator here in Carlingford. I write this article today to inform you all about my recent experience regarding the suspicions in this town. As many of us know, this town does have a reputation for it’s creepy and eerie feeling. There are even citizens among us who use their free time to unleash the secrets of the town. But for now, we only have our own knowledge to believe. And I am going to share mine with you.

I have two daughters, Jessica and Jill. The oldest of the two, Jessica, has never been fond of this town. We’ve been living here for a few months now and she still wants to go back to our home on Colorado, US. But recently she has seemed a bit happier being here. Why is that? I wondered the same thing. And soon I found out the answer. Jessica made a new friend. A golden blonde girl with beautiful brown eyes. She possesses an extremely vibrant attitude, something that I couldn’t imagine matching with my daughter’s snappy stance. But somehow it does. This new friendship has been great for my daughter. Or so I thought.

It was dinnertime and I was making salmon, something my two daughters and my late wife have always loved. Jessica was going to go find her blond best friend. I never knew were this girl lived. Jessica told me her parents were both dead and she lived in an adoption center. But for some strange reason, she always hung around the ocean. I understand kids these days may like to swim but this girl is always there. Before Jessica left, I asked her to invite the girl over for dinner. Maybe I could learn more about her. After all, I usually do here wonderful things about her.

So when Jessica came home, she brought back this girl. But my encounter with her was very strange. She walked in with a tad of a frightened face and was very hesitant to shake my hand. And when I led her into the kitchen, she looked like she was about to cry when she saw the salmon. Jessica said she is a vegan so she won’t eat it. I understood so I offered her something else but the girl wouldn’t take anything except water. So she ended up not eating anything. She sat with us at the table as we ate and seemed to be fine with that idea. Just not fine with the idea of eating salmon. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw, someone who has such a problem with eating fish.

But there was something she did do while we ate. She drank water, a lot of it. She had brought about ten bottles in her purse and used an extra dozen of ours. Now there is nothing wrong with liking water, but drinking over twenty in an hour? It was very strange to me. Maybe that’s why her skin is so flawless.

And to top off the night: she ended up running from the house like Cinderella at the ball when the clock struck midnight. It began raining very hard after dinner. As soon as the girl saw this, she quickly stood up, saying she had to go. But I thought she loved water so much, what is a little rain? My daughter, Jill, took a liking to this girl right away so before she left, she wanted to play in the rain with her. The girl has very, very frightened by this and tried to escape Jill’s grasp. This is where Jessica got snappy and told Jill to stop. As soon as our attention turned to Jessica, the girl ran out of the house as fast as she could. We went outside to look for her but she was nowhere in sight.

Now as a frequent fisher, I have seen many things in the ocean. And this girl reminds me a lot of what I might see. And it’s not an ordinary swimmer.

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