The Covers EP: Volume Two
File:Eddie Money The Covers EP Volume Two.jpg
Released October 07, 2009
Recorded The Track Shack
Length 16:20
Label Gigatone Records
Producer Jeff Tamelier

The Covers EP: Volume Two is a cover album recorded by American rock singer Eddie Money. Both Volume One and Volume Two were released exclusively as digital downloads,[1] produced by Gigatone Records as a promotional tool to help bring attention to Money's catalog being released digitally, and were inspired by the 2007 Eddie Money album Wanna Go Back,Template:Citation needed where Money did an entire album of 50s and 60s tunes.

Track listing

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1. "Gimme Some Lovin'" Steve Winwood, Spencer Davis, Muff Winwood 5:03

2. "Roadhouse Blues" Jim Morrison, The Doors 4:03

3. "When I Come Around" Billie Joe Armstrong 3:21

4. "Ticket to Ride" Lennon–McCartney 3:53



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