Released 4 August 1991
Recorded Digital Recorders, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Length 51:43
Label Vertigo
Producer Barry Beckett

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True at Heart is the third solo album of the German female hard rock singer Doro. It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and released in August 1991.[1]

The third studio album[2] of the former Warlock singer, Doro Pesch, is another exploration in new musical territory. Barry Beckett, a mainstream music producer, was chosen to produce the album, and a large number of musicians[3] from Nashville participated in the recording sessions. The result is an intimate album, with many ballads, few uptempo songs and a bluesy feeling.

The album marks the beginning of the collaboration between Doro Pesch and Nashville guitarist Gary Scruggs.[4]


Track listing

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1. "Cool Love" Doro Pesch, Todd Cerney, Bob DiPiero 3:45

2. "You Gonna Break My Heart" Pesch, Dennis Morgan 3:42

3. "Even Angels Cry" Pesch, Gary Scruggs 4:47

4. "The Fortuneteller" Pesch, Scruggs 5:15

5. "Live It" Pesch, Morgan 4:12

6. "Fall for Me Again" Pesch, Scruggs 4:12

7. "Heartshaped Tattoo" Pesch, Cerney, DiPiero 3:44

8. "With the Wave of Your Hand" Pesch, Cerney, DiPiero 4:52

9. "Hear Me" Pesch, Morgan 3:44

10. "I'll Make It on My Own" Pesch, Vince Melamed 4:07

11. "Gettin' Nowhere Without You" Pesch, Scruggs 4:20

12. "I Know You by Heart" Pesch, Morgan 5:03






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